The Concert Series eHFC™ MTA is a companion to the Lancet Series eHFC™ Optical Tap. The Concert MTA provides In Home access to the eHFC™ xPON DOCSIS Hybrid Data in a single unified interface which can be used in conjunction with a DOCSIS cable modem or as a stand-alone Gigabit data service. TDMA functionality and a high level of programmability allows cable service providers to tailor individual data usage profiles down to the MAC level, and potentially offer symmetrical Gigabit speeds without the need for RF Upstream diplex upgrades, or sacrificing valuable upstream DOCSIS frequency.

Concert Series eHFC MTA Docsis Home access

eHFC™ FTTT Hybrid Architectures


Key features

  • 1 Gbps TDMA
  • Fully Programmable Upstream and Downstream
  • Easily Interfaces with DOCSIS Cable Modems
  • Or use as a standalone data service for offloading heaviest users
  • Achieve improved Quality of Experience for all DOCSIS data subscribers

eHFC™ – An Evolution in Hybrid Networks

The Concert Series eHFC™ MTA provides cable service providers the most cost effective and throughput intensive solution for delivering Gigabit data to heavy demand subscribers without costly Fiber To The Premise installations or premise post wiring. The Concert converts the eHFC™ RF data channel to Ethernet, while also aggregating the DOCSIS data services in a single interface for ease of implementation and installation.

“Over the Top” for Over The Top

eHFC’s unique approach to frequency selection allows cable service providers to segregate the heaviest data demand on to a distinct frequency, alleviating DOCSIS traffic while enabling Gigabit speeds for Over the Top data traffic. This allows for a more profitable use of in-band DOCSIS data and video carriers for enhanced content and interactive services without compromising data speeds. The Concert can also be used as a DOCSIS Plus data delivery solution to enhance existing DOCSIS data and achieve widely available and sustainable Gigabit speeds in larger or High Density Service Groups where PHY ratios are a challenge.