HDO is a high-density optical platform for transmitting broadband, broadcast and narrowcast services in HFC networks. It offers extensive active and passive functionality in a small form factor.

HDO High-Density Optical Platform


Key features

  • 12 universal slots for any HDO modules
  • Intuitive user interface and remote management via CATVisor Argus
  • Several HDO chassis can be connected together to minimize number of management modules and to support PSU redundancy
  • Automatic alignments
  • Automatic adjustment of FAN’s and PSU load sharing reduce maintenance intervals
  • Unused functionality/components are automatically powered down

Comprehensive Optical Platform for HFC Networks

Teleste High Density Optical (HDO) platform provides robust and versatile solution for optical data transmission in any HFC network.

The platform consists of a 19” chassis housing a wide selection of optical transmitter and receiver modules in both forward and return path as well as optical passives.

Small In Size, Big In Functionality

The HDO family features high-density products that have been designed for transmitting broadband, broadcast and narrowcast services.

The products have a small form factor, and their smart cooling implementation makes it possible to install the products without any space between the racks. The controller unit takes only one module slot, and can control up to 16 racks full of HDO units.

In Accordance To Your Network

Regardless of their small size, the HDO products are very flexible in function, and they allow basically any configuration to be customized. The ease of installation, alignment and maintenance has been one of the leading design principles for the HDO family.

Carrier-Class Reliability

Services have to be available at all times and therefore reliability plays an utmost important role in any network related equipment.

Realizing redundancy can be costly and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The HDO enables several redundancy schemes to guarantee uninterrupted signal delivery.

Easy Management

All adjustments in the HDO platform are electrical; there is no need for any plug in modules. The adjustments can be continuous, which allows adjusting a live network and guarantees that the automatic tuning of signal level is smooth. Further, the modules can be equipped with integrated spectrum analyzer which measures each channel and alerts about any offsets.