ICON9000 Remote PHY Enabled Node is intelligent 1.2 GHz distributed access node maximizing network uptime and performance. It includes full remote management and automated features reducing operational expenditures and is RPD enabled.

ICON9000 Remote PHY Enabled Node

  • The node is equipped either with 1×1 or 1×2 Teleste remote PHY modules.
  • Visibility over the entire frequency domain via transponder
  • Automatic alignment for ensuring optimal device settings
  • Power save (saWe) technology allows cutting down power consumption by 30%
  • Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) isolates network upstream problems, especially ingress and CPD that enter a network via loose connections
  • Configuration can be done via optional Bluetooth connection

A future proof choice

In addition to being an excellent fiber node, the ICON9000 RPD is equipped with remote PHY module.The node and remote PHY support DOCSIS® 3.1 downstream spectrum and upstream frequencies.

Remote PHY modules

ICON9000 RPD can host either 1×1 or 1×2 Teleste remote PHY device (RPD) modules. Modules meet CableLabs specifications to allow interoperatibility with standards based CCAP core implementations.

Remotely controlled

ICON9000 RPD is a 24/7 probe in a network and managed remotely through an optional transponder (bidirectional communication), remotely over a Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) link (unidirectional downstream) or locally through a USB port. The downstream spectrum and upstream quality measurements are performed by the transponder, which can also generate return path pilot signals.

Automatic and Intelligent

An automatic level control (ALC) and optical level control (OLC) keep output levels constant and alignments precise. The node includes also ingress switches in every RF port and assists in locating and isolating ingress sources in the network.


Profound reliability is secured by two power supplies supporting load-sharing.

ICON  and ICON9™ are trademarks of Teleste Corporation.