The Antronix Inverse Fiber Amplifier (AIFA) is an innovative cost-effective solution to extend the network and/or broaden its reach by converting the multitap’s drop RF signal to an optical signal.

Antronix Inverse Fiber Node

Inverse Fiber Amplifier (AIFA)

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The Intercept™ AIFA converts electrical signal from the legacy HFC plant to optical and delivers up to 20 km reach from the network edge, and can service 8 homes or as many as 16 with an optional AFDA Fiber Distribution Amplifier via DWDM for OBI free performance.

Additionally, the Intercept™ AIFA can be used in the FXP 1.8 GHz system for ESD deployments.

The Intercept™ FXP Optical Express 1.8 GHz system delivers industry leading end of line performance in stretched and low density networks which are deploying ESD (Extended Spectrum DOCSIS).

FXP converts Electrical signal to Optical via the AIFA and AFDA for express delivery as an overlay to legacy coaxial plant, overcoming excessive coax losses and delivering optimal end of line MER performance and exceptional throughput.

Deployed forward of the legacy HFC Fiber node, the FXP system converts the RF signal to optical and distributes the analog signals through an OBI free Fiber Distribution Amplifier (FDA) with optional EDFA.

Each FDA can support up to 16 Micronodes which are deployed centrally to the tap cascade, segmenting the node for improved performance, increased spectral efficiency resulting in symmetrical multigigabit data rates for all subscribers in the service group.

The FXP platform is designed to replace RF amplifiers in extended spectrum deployments that need superior end of line performance to improve ROI, and can reliably deliver 4K QAM modulation rates in networks with average cable spans of up to 250 feet between taps, and superior MER as compared to conventional Fiber Deep architectures for longer cascades in rural or semi rural areas. All while maintaining a fiber deployment plan that is consistent with FT Tx builds, future proofing your plant infrastructure for next Gen PON without the steep investment curve of a wholesale conversion to a Distributed Access XGS PON ecosystem.