The Antronix Inverse Fiber Amplifier (AIFA) is an innovative cost-effective solution to extend the network and/or broaden its reach by converting the multitap’s drop RF signal to an optical signal.

Antronix Inverse Fiber Node

Inverse Fiber Amplifier (AIFA)

Key features:

  • Extend Network Reach
  • Broaden Network Reach
  • Performance
  • 9 dBm Transmit Power
  • Simple Installation
  • Signal Conditioning
  • DOCSIS Compliant Operation
  • Low Power Consumption
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The inverse fiber amplifier is an outdoor, line mountable, rugged device that can provide extra reach and expand the existing HFC infrastructure to add and attract additional subscribers (rural customers) otherwise not serviced by the MSO. The Antronix AIFA is designed to leverage an MSO’s existing Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) network to support DOCSIS data traffic and video channels.

The Antronix Inverse Fiber Amplifier allows improved reliability, lower maintenance costs and significantly increased performance, all while utilizing existing headend equipment. The headend and back-office systems already supporting the HFC plant are utilized in the new fiber plant extensions. The Inverse Fiber Amplifier is interoperable regardless of manufacturer but is most frequently paired with either a dedicated High Output MDU Antronix Premise MicroNode or a shared access Antronix Mini RFoG ONU, for new sets of subscribers.


  • The Antronix Inverse Fiber Amplifier is a high output and low distortion fiber bridge that can extend the network reach by over 10 km. via new build fiber extension, with little reengineering of the OSP
  • Add multiple subscribers by onboarding new home’s passed to existing service group
  • 50 – 1.2 GHz bandwidth high powered 1550 nm DFB transmitter and high sensitivity receiver
  • The units can be installed indoors or outdoors; either pedestal or strand mounted
  • Full complement of JXP pad, eq or cable sim available enabling signal level optimization for both forward and return, resulting in ability to maintain proper cpe boundaries
  • At only 13 watts the AIFA may be placed anywhere in OSP and can be powered with drop cable
  • Local (40-95 VAC)
  • Add additional subscriber(s) and/or upgrade existing extensions with poor End Of Line performance