The Lancet Series eHFC™ Optical Tap is designed as a Brownfield data throughput enhancement solution for existing and Next generation HFC architectures. The Lancet Tap can be interlaced for targeted Gbps data delivery to solve throughput challenges and improve overall network data PHY allocation and Service Group PHY ratios where high data demand is a challenge.

eHFC™ FTTT Hybrid Architectures


Key features

  • Interoperable with existing HFC Networks
  • Add 1 Gbps Net Effective Throughput per Tap
  • No re-architecting of Network
  • No cut-ins
  • Pay as You Grow – Scale as consumer data demands require
  • Low cost per Incremental Mbps

eHFC™ – An Evolution in Hybrid Networks

The Lancet eHFC™ Optical Tap delivers the most cost effective data throughput enhancement solution available. Utilizing eHFC™, a silicon based Fiber to the Distribution point solution which converts Optical Ethernet PHY to RF at the Tap point using a highly efficient and robust modulation scheme and Ultra-Wide Band Channel Architecture. The Generation 1.5 silicon in the Lancet Tap aggregates 1 Gbps of Net Effective throughput to existing DOCSIS data channel bonding groups. Alternatively, the solution can be used as a data only delivery service to alleviate congestion due to high traffic users, improving overall PHY ratios for all DOCSIS data subscribers.

Fiber Deeper

As Distributed Access Architectures introduce  Ethernet links between the CCAP core and the Access Network, new possibilities emerge for improving  scalability in HFC Architectures. Lancet Series eHFC™ Taps leverage xPON delivery systems in a n innovative RF design which interfaces with existing RF tap plates, resulting in the most cost effective, and least labor intensive data delivery upgrade solution. In addition, DOCSIS frequencies are not sacrificed for the enhancement, resulting in improved performance for Legacy DOCSIS data subscribers.