Teleste Intercept - A Teleste Antronix joint venture

Teleste Intercept is a Joint Venture established by two well-established Cable access infrastructure technology vendors: Teleste Corporation and Antronix LLC.

The mission of Teleste Intercept is to promote technology and product innovations from the mother companies to North-American cable operators and provide professional support services during the lifetime of the products.

Teleste Intercept is focusing on providing next generation access products, enabling delivery of multi-gigabit speeds to consumers over existing HFC network. Teleste is the market leader in Europe in cable access infrastructure whereas Antronix is the market leader in the Americas in cable access last-mile products.

We have started our Joint Venture operation in 2017 and in order to cope with the growing customer work, we are expanding our team with:

Data networking / DOCSIS support engineer

We are looking for an experienced data networking specialist / DOCSIS support engineer to be supporting our customers in pre-sales and after-sales work.


  • Pro-active participation in pre-sales and technical sales, addressing senior engineering people of our customers
  • Support our customers when they are evaluating Teleste Intercept products in their engineering laboratories in form of:
  • Explaining our product design principles, architectures and interfaces
  • Support integrating our products into customer’s lab and production systems
  • Provide troubleshooting support to identify possible issues either in customer’s systems or Teleste Intercept products
  • Act as a bridge to convey relevant technical details from customer environment into Teleste / Antronix R&D & testing teams and vice-versa
  • Participate in the support team providing 24/7 help-desk services to our customers
  • Participate in relevant industry forums’ standardisation and interoperability work, e.g. CableLabs and SCTE
  • Provide input for Teleste / Antronix product roadmaps on a strategic and tactical level – ensure the long-term competitiveness of product innovations coming from the mother companies

To be successful in this position, we expect you to have:

  • Masters’ or Bachelor’s degree in telecommunications/data networking systems
  • Up-to-date competences in data networking, e.g. through CCNA or similar training
  • Preferably strong experience in DOCSIS systems
  • Good communicator, both verbal and written
  • Willingness to travel extensively, including Europe, Canada
  • Interest in engaging with engineering teams and people of our customer organisation
  • Capability to perform well in highly stressful situations
  • Spanish language skills nice but not necessary


Preferably Cranbury, New Jersey

Reporting to Head of Engineering, Teleste Intercept LLC


Are you interested?

For more information, please contact

Jonathan Rigby
General Manager, Teleste Intercept LLC

Tel. 1-609-375-7035

Send your application to

Please send your application by March 7. 2019.  The position will be filled as soon as the right candidate has been found.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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