Teleste ACE2 makes networks DOCSIS® 3.1 capable on your command. Despite its compact size, it is fully equipped for distribution or line extender use. It’s innovative yet simple design offers outstanding performance and practical functionalities.

ACE2 broadband amplifier

ACE2 Broadband Amplifier


Key features

  • Remote powering with active PFC
  • Intelligent continuous adjustments
  • Automatic return path re-alignment
  • Local control through an external USB connection
  • Intelligent cable simulator at input
  • Excellent ESD and surge protection
  • Remote ingress switch control
  • Remote return path upgrade

Minimise Truck Rolls by Remote Management

Traditionally a new downstream/upstream frequency split requires new plug-in modules. Although field products support new frequencies already today, their diplexer filters are still upgraded manually, requiring a truck roll. This is laborious and complicated when HFC elements are in unknown or difficult locations behind locked doors.

The ACE2 allows operators to make the upgrade remotely and freely choose the right moment to apply the change. This makes upgrading networks very fast compared to traditional solutions. At the same time, service disruptions caused by the upgrade work for operator’s customers will be minimized.

Easy management even on the site

The amplifier can be accessed locally via a USB port. The USB port also enables wireless local management via BT connection and Teleste Commander application for Android smartphones and tablets.

Smart features

The ACE2 supports intelligent manual alignments. Instead of aligning separate amplifier stages, the technology offers a universal control that automatically aligns gains and levels of amplifier stages in an optimal manner. Besides optimal performance it increases service reliability and cuts down on operational costs over time