HFC Access

Subscribers are looking for better service quality and greater speeds than ever before

Our journey in the business of providing HFC networks has lasted for decades and we have kept up with the progress by investing in high quality. Our portfolio includes all that is needed for both traditional and fiber rich HFC networks.

High subscriber satisfaction isn’t easy to reach, but speed and quality are essential building blocks. Have a look on how we address these.

High quality broadband amplifiers

Subscriber satisfaction is important for every operator. Multiple factors are affecting on how the subscribers value their service. We believe that reliable network connectivity is among the most important ones. This is when high quality RF amplifiers come into play.

Heat management

Powerful broadband amplifiers generate heat and unmanaged heat causes unpredictable behavior and even service breaks. We take heat management seriously and it guides our product development from a drawing board to the manufacturing.

Component traceability

Faulty component batch can cause a lot of harm especially, if it is not clear how widely the components are used and where the defected products are deployed. We can trace all components used in our broadband amplifiers and proactively help our customers even before any faults cause service breaks.

Own manufacturing

​Shorter the distance between product design and production facilities, the better are the conditions for excellent quality. We design and manufacture Teleste broadband amplifiers in our own modern facility in Finland. We are all under the same roof, next to each other without language barriers.

Decades of experience

Teleste and Antronix have been HFC equipment manufacturers for decades and that is not a coincidence. Expertise gathered over the years reflect not only to product designs, but also to everything around the products.

Install and forget.

Over 99.5% of Teleste broadband amplifiers have never had defects during their lifetime.

Watch the video to see how the quality is created!



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