Intelligent Networks

Networks evolve. Constantly.

The number of subscribers increases and new services require more network capacity. Higher capacity demands are tackled with network re-segmentation, which in practice leads to laborious node splitting and costly on-site adjustment of network devices. The result is not only increased risk for human errors and network unreliability, but also higher operating costs.

Bringing intelligence to networks provides operators an effective way to solve these problems.

The Enablers

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Intelligent Nodes

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Intelligent Amplifiers and Nodes

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Management Software

The Main Features

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Info on network status

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Automatic Adjustments

no plug-ins needed

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Remote management

Maintaining and upgrading a network
does not have to be costly and time-consuming.

Why choose the Intelligent Networks technology?

Intelligent Network solutions can close the gap on understanding and controlling Outside Plant issues as they occur. If you are looking for ways to cut costs, extend the life of your network, and increase customer satisfaction, this should be of primary interest to you.

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less seasonal maintenance visits
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fewer truck rolls
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less tickets and calls to help desk
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shorter sever node area breaks
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reduction in power consumption
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Harness Intelligence to Control Your Network.

High service quality and operational efficiency can be achieved by introducing intelligence in every part of the network.  Our ICON series 1.8 GHz strand mount amplifiers come with native intelligence and enable true automated field diplexer change in no time!

Benefits by Intelligent Network Management.

Switch on your Intelligent Network and enjoy significant business and monetary benefits with network management software.

Demystifying the Intelligent Networks technology.

In an interview with Stephen Hardy from Broadband Technology Report, Hanno Narjus explains why now is the perfect time to focus on adding intelligence to cable networks and what the benefits are to operators.

Automated ingress control process allows us to ensure that the quality of services experienced by our subscribers is high, and our network will be able to meet consumers’ data transmission demands in all circumstances. For our personnel, the automated process gives time to concentrate on more value adding tasks, instead of manually running the ingress control process.

Mikko NurmiDirector, Network Architecture and Security for DNA (DNA Plc is Finland's largest cable operator)

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Success Stories

Global deployments of Teleste’s Intelligent Network devices

The installed base of Teleste’s Intelligent Network devices March 2021.

  • 440K+ intelligent devices
  • 550K+ devices with remote control/monitoring, of which:
    • 277K HMS transponders
    • 163K DOCSIS transponders
    • 116K One-way control


City by night
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Brutélé has implemented Teleste’s next-generation network management software

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