Teleste CATVisor Argus is dedicated for HFC network management. The software includes unique features, such as intelligent ingress control, to improve network efficiency and reduce network operating costs. The CATVisor Argus provides full control over the entire HFC network.

CATVisor Argus Network Management Software


Key features

  • Remote management of all Teleste’s headend and HFC products
  • Management of 3rd party products over HMS/SNMP
  • Highly efficient and reliable Apache Cassandra database
  • REST HTTP API for easy integration with other management systems
  • Highly configurable client UI using customizable views and workspaces
  • Browser based server administration
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New Generation of HFC Network Management

The CATVisor Argus is the 5th generation of Teleste’s element management software that is a client-server based, multi-user network management system for monitoring, controlling and configuring network elements and their interconnections.

The software supports all Teleste’s headend and HFC products as well as any third-party products supporting HMS and SNMP.

Taking Advantage of Big Data

As new network products and analyzers are able to produce huge amounts of data, CATVisor Argus makes it possible to monitor and manage the data to make the best system level decisions.

The software allows the user to stay on top of what is happening in the entire HFC network and react to problems even before they occur.

Working well together with Teleste’s intelligent HFC products, the software is designed to support advanced functionalities such as preventive maintenance and diagnostics.