Our product selection comprises DOCSIS 3.1 compliant intelligent optical nodes, headend and Remote PHY devices alongside a line of optical products and innovative multi-gigabit eHFC offering.

The product portfolio forms a comprehensive line-up, ranging from Fiber Deep to Distributed Access Architectures and eHFC FTTT Brownfield migration solutions.

Icon 9000
ICON9000 Remote PHY Ready

node for intelligent HFC networks

Icon 9000
ICON9000 Remote PHY Enabled

node for intelligent HFC networks

CatVisor Argus Software
CATVisor Argus Software

for HFC network management

Lancet Series eHFC Optical Taps

xPON DOCSIS Hybrid FTTT Solution

High Density Optical Platform HDO
HDO Platform

for carrier-class optical transmission


Luminato Digital Headend

for live video processing and edge QAM

Docsis Access Hub
DOCSIS Access Hub

mini-CMTS for small HFC networks

E3 Distribution Amplifier
E3 Distribution Amplifier

node for intelligent HFC networks

Concert Series eHFC MTA

xPON DOCSIS Hybrid Data Delivery

ACE8 Intelligent Node

ACE8 Intelligent Node

for flexible, future-proof network installations

Optical Mini Nodes
AFN Optical Mini Nodes

for improving network performance cost-effectively


compact bi-directional optical node


for delivering triple-play services to the subscriber in FttH or FttP application

DAN300 Remote PHY node

DAN3000 Remote PHY Enabled

node for intelligent HFC networks

ACE2 broadband amplifier

ACE2 Broadband Amplifier

for intelligent HFC networks

AC3010 broadband amplifier
AC3010 and AC3210 Broadband Amplifiers

for intelligent HFC networks