Teleste’s DAS RPD SHELF is the capstone piece in our complete range of Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) Remote PHY products. This range includes compact RPDs and powerful 19″ units. The DAS RPD SHELF is a modular Remote PHY device made for regional headends, hubs, and MDUs that need a rackmountable solution.

Teleste DAS RPD SHELF for Distributed Access Architecture

DAS RPD SHELF for Distributed Access Architecture

  • Out of Band-systems support using NDF/NDR-channels and SCTE 55-1
  • Pilot-tone generation
  • Alignment carriers
  • Flexible support for video QAM channels
  • CLI for troubleshooting
  • CCAP DRFI compliant RF-level and performance
  • Downstream RF-level per port indicator for remote diagnostic
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Fit for Distributed Access Architecture with different CCAP cores

The DAS RPD SHELF, designed according to CableLabs® specifications, ensures seamless compatibility with different Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) cores. Its stackable 1U high chassis is compact and energy-efficient, making it perfect for limited spaces. We are dedicated to collaboration, and our extensive testing and successful field deployments unquestionably confirm the compatibility of our distributed access solutions with leading CCAP core vendors.

Support for full spectrum DOCSIS 3.1

The SHELF supports full spectrum DOCSIS® 3.1 upstream and downstream, and offers flexible configurations ranging from 1×1 to 4×8 within a single unit. It is ideal for dense living areas (MDUs) and for rural areas where a local headend or hub serves a larger region. This future-proof investment enables operators to leverage the latest advancements in Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and enhance their networks with cutting-edge capabilities.

A perfect choice for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

The DAS RPD SHELF is a great option for Multi-Dwelling Units, like apartment complexes and college campuses, because it allows operators to quickly connect new customers using digital fiber. The fiber is connected to the basement of the building, and coaxial cables are already in place inside the building for DOCSIS. Even large buildings can be served with just one 1×2 module and cable operators can make use of their existing assets, such as their knowledge of HFC networks, DOCSIS backend capabilities, high-quality cable modems, and service packages.

Efficient use of space and power

The DAS RPD SHELF offers a compact and energy-efficient solution with its stackable 1U high chassis, making it perfect for restricted spaces where installation footprint, power, and cooling are crucial considerations. While the SHELF can accommodate two different RPD modules concurrently, all module variants support complete spectrum DOCSIS® 3.1 upstream and downstream.