Intercept’s EDGe series carrier class remote OLT and strand mount ethernet switches and servers are right sized for targeted deployment of Open PON networks.

EDGe2500Remote OLT for Open PON solutions

EDGe2500 Remote OLT

Key features:

  • 8x SFP28 Ethernet Ports, Each 25 Gbit Capable
  • 200 Gbps Switching Bandwidth
  • Compact Size, Low Power Consumption
  • Industry-grade Management and Temperature Grade
  • Full Features Industry and Enterprise Ethernet Switching Capabilities
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Future-Proofed Remote OLT Infrastructure

The EDGe2500 provides 25 Gbps line rate in the downstream and a 100G aggregated uplink for backhaul services in a white box, environmentally robust package that is easy to deploy and supports Microplug OLT SFP+ form factor in an iTemp design capable of distances of up to 20 km. The switch can support 10G OLTs and easily transitions to 25G with a simple Microplug OLT upgrade, providing the most economical path to a future proofed PON component infrastructure.

Path to Open PON

The EDGe2500 provides a straightforward path to begin deploying Open PON while capitalizing on significantly lower cost SFP+ OLT cost relative to conventional closed, aggregated platforms, providing all the cost and future scaling advantages of Open PON without sacrificing robust and comprehensive network element management capabilities.

Economical PON Solution to Multi-Vendor Ecosystem

The EDGe2500 can economically provide superior data rates up to 25Gbps in a white box design that supports multiple vendor ONTs and provides better availability in a multi vendor supported ecosystem with inherent PON management. The EDGe2500 can be managed via remote Hub server or from a line mounted self contained rOLT switch/server such as the EDGe2500 for an easily deployed and highly economical PON delivery solution that is ideal for lower density subscriber groupings where denser switches become cost prohibitive, and a resident MCMS is required in the field for enhanced edge and third party network performance, routing and optimization tools.