DAN300 is a compact 1x2x2 remote PHY node designed and optimized for distributed access networks. It provides operators with a smooth way to deploy distributed architecture in their networks and substantially increase data transmission capacity.

DAN300 Remote PHY node

DAN300 Remote PHY Node

  • Meets CableLabs specifications, ensuring multivendor interoperability
  • Support for both DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 modems
  • Supports legacy and out-of-band services and applications
  • Power save technology allows significant power savings
  • Compact and energy efficient

The Choice for Next Generation Networks

Teleste DAN300 is a compact DOCSIS® 3.1 capable RPD. It is designed to provide operators with a smooth way to deploy distributed architecture in their networks. A true alternative for operators eager to take a quantum leap and build networks having substantially higher capacity.

Meets CableLabs Specifications

The DAN300 is designed and optimized for distributed access networks and meets CableLabs® specifications ensuring interoperability with different CCAP cores.

Support for Legacy Solutions

The device utilises full DOCSIS 3.1 spectrum downstream and upstream directions allowing maximum of 6 OFDM- and 2 OFDMA-channels. The DAN300 underpins the forward path with an optional RF overlay functionality supporting legacy solutions. All this makes DAN300 a future-proof investment for operators who are looking for a reliable solution for network transformations.

High-Speed Connectivity

It converts a 10 gigabit IP connection into 1.2 GHz full spectrum, high-quality coax-based data transmission and makes it possible for operators to address consumers’ increasing demands for faster broadband connectivity.