Extended Spectrum 1.8 GHz

Get the most from your existing network infrastructure

Extended Spectrum DOCSIS is an important part of the cable industry’s vision of 10G future. It enables operators to build multi-gigabit networks, both upstream and downstream, without capex-intensive fiber deep investments.

Combine it with distributed access architecture and you will be able to squeeze out the maximum of you existing network infrastructure!

Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) allows to extend the usable downstream spectrum on HFC networks up to 1.8 GHz and maximize both coax and fibre network capacity. Requirements for ESD are being developed as a part of the DOCSIS 4.0 specifications, released by CableLabs.

Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) allows to extend the usable downstream spectrum on HFC networks up to 1.8GHz and maximize both coax and fibre network capacity.

Moving towards 10G future

The big benefit of 1.8 GHz spectrum is that it allows building multi-gigabit speeds, both downstream and upstream, without capex-intensive fibre investment. When combined with distributed access architecture, it enables operators to squeeze the maximun capacity out of the existing infrastructures, both coax and fibre.

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EventsExtended Spectrum 1.8 GHzInsights

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Extended Spectrum 1.8 GHzInsights

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EventsExtended Spectrum 1.8 GHzInsights

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What does Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® mean for operators in practice?

The white paper covers variables that are expected to limit the Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® in North America.

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What can be done before customers churn and revenues are impaired?

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A pragmatic approach to Extended Spectrum DOCSIS: November 2020

Arttu Purmonen’s presentation at ANGA Online event in November 2020 with updated figures and new measurements.

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