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Reducing network power consumption

Our solutions help you to save energy, nature and money without compromising service quality or capacity

As the networks evolve to meet the increasing capacity demand, pressure arises to use sustainable, eco-friendly solutions and technologies. These are needed to help in managing the power and performance growth within HFC networks in ways that are beneficial to customers, business and the environment.

Make Sense

How cable operator can save money, energy and nature?

Our innovations can
save up to

of the power consumed by the amplifier module

This means
up to

reduction on total network power consumption

Nodes and amplifiers don't have to run on full power 24/7.

It is like leaving a water tap running. Makes no sense, right?

Our devices can adjust power consumption based on real need.

There are three different ways to save power:

Remotely adjusted performance levels

1. Remotely adjusted performance levels

The first option is the device has pre-configured performance levels that can be remotely selected.

Autonomous performance adjustment apchallenge

2. Autonomous performance adjustment

Alternatively, the device can select the power saving scheme autonomously, based on the RF output level measurement.

Load based performance adjustment

3. Load-based performance adjustment

The third innovation is for Remote PHY devices. The RPD module generates the signal and is aware of the channel load. It can then adjust the energy consumption accordingly.

Most of the power consumption of the active CATV network equipment occurs in the amplifier module. Intelligent nodes and amplifiers introduce several innovations for controlling power consumption in the amplifier module, including remotely adjustable performance levels as well as autonomous and load-based performance adjustment.

These are based on the simple idea to save energy by adjusting bias current in the amplifier module according to the actual capacity in use.

Reducing power consumption

70% of the energy in outside plant devices is consumed by amplifier modules.

Our innovations can save up to 30% of the energy consumed by the amplifier module. This can reduce the total network energy consumption by up to 20%.

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Teleste power saving innovation - Reduce operational costs and save nature

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