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Our innovations can
save up to

of the power consumed by the amplifier module

This means
up to

reduction on total network power consumption

Most of the power consumption of the active CATV network equipment occurs in the amplifier module. Intelligent nodes and amplifiers introduce several innovations for controlling power consumption in the amplifier module, including remotely adjustable performance levels as well as autonomous and load-based performance adjustment. These are based on the simple idea to save energy by adjusting bias current in the amplifier module according to the actual capacity in use.

Although nodes and amplifiers are designed and operated to fulfill their specifications at the full 1.2 GHz load, the actual capacity used in the network is seldom that heavy. When the maximum capacity is not in use, the amplifier module can be operated at lower bias current, leading to less power consumption. This can save up to 30% of the power consumed by the amplifier module, which, in turn, can reduce the total network power consumption by up to 20%, all without truck rolls.

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