Teleste ICON3100 amplifier stands out as a future-proof choice in the network evolution towards DOCSIS® 4.0 and the logical step of upgrading coaxial systems to a 1.8 GHz design.

ICON3100 1.8 GHz line extender

ICON3100 1.8 GHz line extender

  • Supports up to 1.8 GHz downstream and 684 MHz upstream
  • Native US/DS ALSC exceeding traditional AGC based designs
  • Automatic alignment of US/DS
  • Electrical level and slope controls
  • Efficient ESD and Surge protection
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Simple to install and operate

Native intelligence facilitates true plug-and-play functionality, providing operators easy alignments in the field with a press of a single button.

Easy management even on the site

The amplifier can be accessed locally via a USB port. The USB port also enables wireless local management via BT connection and Teleste Commander application for Android smartphones and tablets.

Maximizing the benefits of intelligence

For maximum remote monitoring and control possibilities, an optional transponder plugin unit is available with the ICON3100 amplifier.

  • control remotely and monitor quality of upstream signal
  • stop ingress automatically before your customers are disturbed
  • monitor parameters for preventive network diagnostics

Modular connectivity

The ICON3100 1.8 GHz intelligent amplifier is available in either RF modules compatible with North American legacy housings or Teleste’s ICON3000 housing designed for harsh outdoor conditions.

No bench upgrades

The split change process and needed verification of forward and reverse signals, do not require a separate test environment. Automatic alignments take place when diplexers have been changed in the field.

High performance

The amplifier stages are based on high-performing 4th generation GaN hybrids, widening the usable gain ranges and allowing high output levels without compromises.

ICON  is trademark of Teleste Corporation.