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SCTE·ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® 2019 took place in New Orleans, LA, USA. Thank you for visiting us!

We participated in SCTE·ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® 2019 to highlight our latest HFC and Remote PHY devices designed for high-capacity broadband services today as well as in the future. We also brought forward our video transmission solutions as well as our business broadband solution for MDU segments.


Higher frequencies bring more bandwidth and new challenges – Switch on your Intelligent Network to be ready!

Due to the ever-rising broadband speeds, Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® (ESD) is one of the most topical subjects in the cable industry today. As frequencies above 1.8 GHz promise more broadband speeds to consumers, they also come up with new challenges that are expected to limit ESD implementations: The higher the frequencies, the more complex network devices become and the narrower the margins are, in which the devices need to operate.

Our Intelligent Network technology allows operators to get the most out of their networks by the means of automated adjustments, self-configuration and remote management. In addition to being state-of-the-art HFC and Remote PHY devices, our intelligent network devices constantly measure the quality of the signal that goes through them, produce information about their own status and even self-adjust accordingly.

Utilizing Intelligent Networks can help operators increase service uptime, improve customer satisfaction and cut down manual network maintenance work – even more so when adjusting and maintaining the right settings in each active device becomes a more laborouos and demanding work.

The Intelligent Network technology helps operators achieve significant monetary and business benefits, including:

  • 60% fewer truck rolls
  • 30% less tickets and calls to help desk
  • Up to 20% reduction in power consumption
  • 100% less seasonal maintenance visits
  • Higher network uptime and considerable savings in time and money

Visitors at Cable-Tec Expo were able to see live demonstration of ICON9000 with the Argus management software.

Go Higher, Baby: Extending Spectrum to 1.8 GHz and Beyond

We have performed real 1.8 GHz measurements revealing what it takes to offer new services using frequencies up to 1.8 GHz in parallel with existing services.

In a Cable-Tec Expo workshop Steve Condra presented our findings and gave a pragmatic approach to implementing Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® in practice. The workshop took place on Wednesday, October 2, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM in Room 228-230.

ICON9000 Intelligent Remote PHY node

Our intelligent, connected node ICON9000 will be demonstrated at our booth #2201 during the Cable-Tec Expo. The outstanding node has been designed for smooth transition to Remote PHY networks and it offers operators excellent data transmission capacity and several operational benefits, including remote management with CATVisor Argus management software.

Other Teleste products displayed at the show

  • Teleste Luminato 4X4 – our newly-launched digital headend that takes legacy video to distributed access networks! The platform has been designed with a built-in video engine to support operators when they make the shift to distributed access architecture. With its powerful and ultra dense edge QAM, the platform allows operators to freely scale up their video services when the need for channels such as high quality 4K increases.
  • Remotely configurable MDU solutions including ACE2 broadband amplifier that features remotely managed diplexer filters enabling flexible network upgrades while avoiding the need for manual plug-in replacements in the field. We will also put on display the DAN300 Remote PHY enabled node with RF overlay that makes a future-proof investment for operators who are looking for a reliable solution for network transformations.
  • Intelligent 1.2 GHz Nodes and Amplifiers with Wireless Configuration: the very compact E3 distribution amplifier features high output level and wide gain range, while the compact and sleek ACE8 node offers service providers cost-efficient access to high transmission capacity.
  • DAH mini-CMTS:  Designed for the needs of business broadband and hospitality sectors, Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub, DAH, offers a cost-effective option for extending IP networks inside apartment buildings and hotels by utilizing existing coaxial cabling.

Thank you for visiting us in New Orleans!

You will find our team with Steve Condra in the following workshop:

Wednesday, October 02, 2019:
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM in Room 228-230.

Workshop: Extended Spectrum #1

In the workshop Steve Condra will present a pragmatic approach to Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® and discuss what implementing it would mean for operators in practice.

Steve Condra, Senior Engineering Director and Product Manager, Teleste Intercept LLC
Jeff Finkelstein, Executive Director, Advanced Technologies, Cox Communications
John Chapman, Fellow and CTO Cable Access, Cisco Systems, Inc