What does Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® mean for operators in practice?

Although coaxial cables might have close to unlimited potential, it is good to discuss what the new technologies actually enable. These practical matters are the focus of our white paper “Extended Spectrum DOCSIS®: A Pragmatic Approach“.

The paper covers variables that are expected to limit the Extended Spectrum DOCSIS® in North America, such as

  1. length of cables and amplifier cascades
  2. existing taps
  3. performance of the state-of-the-art amplifiers equipped with the latest hybrids, and
  4. capabilities of the latest Remote PHY products.

In addition, we show two methods that help coping with high total composite power and give examples of how they could be exploited.

Extended Spectrum DOCSIS®: A Pragmatic Approach

A pragmatic approach to Extended Spectrum DOCSIS

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