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Teleste is taking part to Adaptive Power Challenge aimed at solving one of the cable industry’s biggest energy challenges. Focusing on theme ‘supply and control’, our contribution covers three innovations that can save up to 30 % of the energy consumed by the amplifier modules in outside plant devices. This can reduce the total network energy consumption by up to 20 % and save a lot of resources.

The Adaptive Power Challenge inspired Teleste to innovate and present ideas on how operators can achieve significant OPEX savings without compromising service quality and end-user experience. The reduction in the total cost of ownership of the CATV networks has been one of Teleste’s strategic intents for decades.

The energy saving methods gathered under a project called “Make Sense”, are all based on measuring the RF output level and adjusting the power consumption based on the actual need without diminishing the quality of customer experience.

The Adaptive Power Challenge is organized by SCTE-ISBE, Liberty Global and Comcast.

Adaptive Power Challenge Organizers

Learn more about Make Sense:


Watch a video on how cable operator can reduce the energy bill by up to 20 %.