eHFC® Lancet Optical Taps

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An evolution in hybrid networks

The most cost-effective data throughput enhancement solution available

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Alleviate up to

of DOCSIS congestion

Improve data rates by


Lancet eHFC Optical Taps provide a Hybrid HFC FTTT solution for existing cable infrastructure that delivers Gigabit performance without interrupting legacy DOCSIS networks.  Lancet-featured architecture provides straightforward, practical, and economically predictable answers to PHY ratio challenges in low to medium density service groups – without re-architecting or node segmentation.

The Lancet’s unique design allows interfacing with coaxial drop and hardline infrastructures – leveraging existing RF and DOCSIS investments for incremental throughput.  eHFC utilizes Ultra Wide Band High Frequency Spectrum that does not conflict or overlap DOCSIS or MoCA frequency plans, make the most of future spectrum.