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In today’s digital landscape, broadband users continually demand more and more bandwidth and improvements in quality of service. These demands just keep growing despite the type of connection that is used to deliver the services. So, how can cable MSOs meet their subscribers’ ever-increasing appetites in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way?

A feasible option for operators is to utilize the existing in-house coax cabling for high-speed broadband connections for customers while establishing the connection between the building and the operator’s centralized headend on IP over fiber. This solution is highly suitable for facilitating the broadband connection of individual entities situated farther afield or in regions lacking the operator’s own HFC infrastructure.

At Teleste, we have taken consideration of multi-dwelling unit (MDU) broadband with a range of Remote PHY nodes (RPDs) capable of delivering future-proof multi-gigabit speeds across apartment buildings and housing complexes. These low power, compact devices allow operators to harness digital fiber instantly without adding new in-house cabling infrastructure, a common requirement for fiber and ethernet installations in existing buildings.

Imagine being an operator with an abundance of bandwidth available for your customers and the convenience of remotely managing bandwidth allocation through RPD and RF node configuration.

Our RPDs not only offer this capability but also provide your NOC personnel with full visibility to these devices after installation. Remote monitoring reduces the need for on-site visits and facilitates a more proactive approach to device maintenance through real-time remote configuration, status information, and alarms.

What sets our RPDs apart even further is that they empower you to perform node-splits on the fly, ensuring sufficient upstream capacity during peak hours. Even if upgrade to high-split might be suitable in some locations, there is no need for bench upgrades – just swap the diplexers, and you are all set to go.

Are you curious to know if this would work in your network? Let me know, I am more than happy to hear from you!

About the author

Petri Rintala, Product Manager, Distributed Access for Teleste

Petri Rintala works as a Product Manager for Distributed Access Business Line at Teleste.

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