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We were happy to see our new intelligent remote PHY node ICON9000 was received so well!

Confirming its innovativeness and quality, the node was nominated to the BTR Diamond Awards 2017 shortlist. Watch this video to learn more about the ICON9000.

What does adding intelligence to your networks mean?

  • Increased service uptime
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced truck rolls

Please take the opportunity to download our white paper on Intelligent Tools to Increase Uptime in the HFC Plant. The paper introduces practical tools to cut costs, extend the life of your network and increase customer satisfaction.

Products and demos at our Cable-Tec booth:

Intelligent Remote PHY Node ICON9000 with CATVisor Argus management software:

ICON9000 is an intelligent, connected optical node with built-in Remote PHY capability. We showcased ICON9000 together with the CATVisor Argus management software and demonstrated how Intelligent Network management works in real life, and how easy it is to control and adjust the node’s operation.

eHFC™ Platform for Multi-Gigabit Data Transmission:

The eHFC™ platform represents the latest innovation in broadband delivery technology: a hybrid fiber coaxial end-to-end broadcast access network platform.

Teleste Luminato headend:

Designed for advanced live content processing, the Luminato headend platform enables Broadcast-quality video transmission over cable television networks and cost-effective content delivery for the hospitality sectors.

DAH mini-CMTS:

Designed for the needs of business broadband and hospitality sectors, Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub, DAH, offers a cost-effective option for extending IP networks inside apartment buildings and hotels by utilizing existing coaxial cabling.


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