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Achieving End-to-End Intelligence in the Cable Access Network

Paper by Liliane Offredo-Zreik, ACG Research.

The ever-growing demand for bandwidth, which only accelerated over the past few months, and the emerging importance of delivering mission-critical services in a residential environment is imposing increasingly stringent demands and requirements on cable operators and vendors.

Although the trend toward more downstream bandwidth consumption has been well understood, the sudden growth of upstream bandwidth consumption, driven by work and school at home, home-based healthcare, and other applications, is a new development, but one that will persist as new applications and business models centered around delivering services in the home continue to grow and evolve. These notable developments are happening at a time when labor markets are constrained and when other restrictions are being imposed on service providers.

The cable access network is fast evolving to meet the needs of a highly dynamic market. Introducing intelligent in every part of the network is a definitive must that is required to meet the market’s demand imperatives for service quality and operational efficiency.

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About the author

Liliane Offredo-Zreik is a Principal Analyst with ACG Research; her research and advisory efforts focus on the evolution of the broadband delivery infrastructure and on how broadband, and technology more broadly, are driving a profound change in healthcare and powering the fast evolution of digital health. She has extensive telecommunications and cable industry experience with a focus on market dynamics and product and go to market strategies. She brings to her research areas significant industry experience, having held leadership roles with many major service providers and industry vendors, and as a Wall Street industry analyst. Liliane has an MBA from Harvard Business School, a master’s in electrical engineering from Cornell University, and a BSEE from Syracuse University.

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