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SCTE® Cable-Tec Expo® 2022 will be arranged September 19-22 in Philadelphia, PA. We will take part in the event to bring forward our latest technologies and products for next-generation broadband networks and distributed access architecture. Come meet us at booth #11025!

Date / Time: September 19-22, 2022. In-person event

10Grounds for visiting Teleste Intercept booth #11025

Let us show you:

  • 1. The advantages of intelligent 1.8 GHz amplifiers.

  • 2. The simplicity of installing and operating with intelligence and automation.

  • 3. How to save money on power consumption.

  • 4. How to keep the US RF signal stable with RFF (Reverse Follows Forward).

  • 5. How to correct for haystack RF response.

  • 6. How to use a 1.8 GHz amplifier in a 1.0 GHz system.

  • 7. How transponders make every technician an RF expert.

  • 8. How amplifier installation can be simplified to a single button push.

  • 9. How ingress can be detected, located, reported, and attenuated automatically.

  • 10. How diplexers are truly field upgradable in less than 3 minutes.

Join us to learn more about our Intelligent Networks technology and its benefits for cable MSOs who wish to improve network operational efficiency and quality of services for subscribers. Intelligent Networks technology utilizes automated adjustments, self-configuration and remote management to help you solve possible issues, even before they affect your subscribers.

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Come See The Number One 1.8 GHz Intelligent Amplifiers In The Market!

Are Your Networks Moving Towards 10G?

Teleste intelligent 1.8 GHz ICON series amplifiers are designed for cable MSOs that are moving toward 10G networks.  The ICON amplifiers were used in the first successful DOCSIS® 4.0 Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD) amplifier cascade demonstration that was completed at CableLabs’ 10G Showcase in Colorado, US in spring 2022.

ICON3100 1.8 GHz line extender

ICON3100 1.8 GHz line extender

Interoperable Distributed Access technology

The interoperability of our DAA technology is tested and approved with all major CCAP cores and trusted video cores to ensure safe infrastructure investments for operators. Read more about our insights and RPD portfolio we display at Cable-Tec Expo 2022.

Icon 9000
ICON9000 Remote PHY Ready

MDU Solutions For Flexible Installations

  • Teleste ACE8 Node comes with an intelligent transponder which enables advanced management features – no plug ins needed for alignment!
  • Teleste ACE2 makes networks DOCSIS® 3.1 capable on your command
  • AFN (Antronix Fiber Node) improves your network performance cost-effectively by bringing fiber closer to the end users
  • Antronix R-ONU is an ideal platform for delivering upstream and downstream, voice, video and high speed data service over FTTB or FTTX applications

Optical Mini Nodes
AFN Optical Mini Nodes

Intercept ® DOCSIS 4.0 Network Architecture

  • Antronix Inverse Fiber Amplifier (AIFA) – Improve reliability, lower maintenance costs and increase performance, all while utilizing existing headend equipment


Antronix Inverse Fiber Node

Inverse Fiber Amplifier

See you at booth #11025!

TelesteIntercept SCTE 2022 floor plan