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Teleste reveals that its CATVisor Argus network management software (NMS) has been deployed by UPC, a leading telecommunications and media provider in Austria, in order to monitor more than 3,800 active elements in their network. CATVisor Argus NMS is the 5th generation of Teleste’s CATVisor NMS, which is a multi-user client–server-based network management system used for monitoring, controlling and configuring network elements in a wired network environment.

The CATVisor Argus software supports all Teleste headend and HFC products, as well as third party products that support HMS and SNMP. As new network products are able to produce large volumes of data, CATVisor Argus enables monitoring and managing this data. The software allows the user to keep track of the entire HFC network and to preempt to problems, even before they occur. Of course, the software is well compatible with Teleste’s intelligent HFC products and supports advanced features such as preventive maintenance and diagnostics.

Compared to the previous versions of CATVisor NMS, Argus offers a completely redesigned server application. This allows fast and reliable development, a versatile and efficient database, and advanced APIs for easy integration with other management systems.

In particular, additional properties – such as e.g. the management of legacy Teleste HFC products, the management of third party products via HMS/SNMP, the ease of integration with other management systems via the REST HTTP API, along with other technical innovations – have been a reason for UPC Austria to rely on Teleste’s CATVisor Argus. Since the first installation of the NMS system in 2013, the goal has been to integrate all network elements of the UPC Austria network into the NMS, regardless of manufacturer. Teleste was able to achieve this goal successively by constantly expanding the NMS. CATVisor Argus is now successfully in use at UPC Austria, and manages and monitors more than 3,800 active network elements. These include Teleste products, such as fibre nodes, as well as products from four other manufacturers.

Franz Baumgarten, Senior Director Network Engineering UPC Austria, says: “We are pleased to have Teleste’s CATVisor Argus running an NMS system that allows us to keep track of our entire network, regardless of manufacturer. This helps us a lot in the early detection of possible sources of error in the network.

Wilfried Lehmbruck, Vice President of Sales Europe VBS NP Teleste, says: “The good cooperation with UPC Austria has helped us a lot with CATVisor Argus, which now probably has the most advanced multi-vendor NMS system.”